Incredible CreatAbles

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cow a monga!

Well I went on a wild goose chase for the second day in a row. A few weeks ago a met a lady at Js who said there was a person at the swap meet that sold Cuddlebug and Sizzix items for cheap. She said they were only there on Wednesdays. I'm like great how can I manage that? I have to work and they will be closed by the time I get off. Well the week before Labor Day I took Wed afternoon, Thursday,and Friday off. So I rushed down there to the exact spot she said he is at G18. Well I get there at 1:00 and the guy is gone! There was a trace of someone being there because there was a brass template package on the floor. So I felt like someone had let the air out of my ballon. Well I went to the swapmeet website and found the information and called the office and they told me that this vendor will be here Tuesday and Wednesday. Because I had to work Sunday for 2 1/2 hours I had that time to flex so I decided this time I will go in the morning then head off to work. I go yesterday morning and the guy is not there! Not again. Well being the eternial optimist that I am I thought I will go again tommorow since Wednesday is truly the only day he is there. Well I get off work at noon race down there and again the guy is not there! I GIVE UP! I know I am addicted! I am taking off work to fix my addiction! LOL! I guess I should stick with Ebay or Js coupons!

To the card (I know about time!)

I just adore this stamp by Penny Black! I bought her at I stamped her with Versafine Black Onyx on Georgia Pacific cardstock. I used my Prismacolor pencils. She is simply fabulous!