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Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from Roseville

My daughter and I flew from Southern CA to Northern CA on Saturday morning so that we could attend a Cricut SWARM from 10:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. Our flight was at 8:00 a.m. My husband dropped us off at the airport at 7:00 since we had checked in on-line 24 hours prior to flight.

Well let me say that deciding what stuff to bring was daunting! I mean I need everything. I started with 2 craft cases on wheels and 1 suit case for my craft items and decided that I needed to downsize. So I ended up with the two rolling cases and my Cricut Expression in the original packaging. Well we checked in 4 suitcases, 1 just for our clothes and 3 craft related. This is one reason I don't go to crops because I can't decide and pack up the whole house.

When we boarded the plane we could see the baggage guy loading the plane and we saw my craft cases (which are plastic rolling tool cases from Wal-Mart) on the tarmack. We then saw the guy somehow undo the case and my supplies were exposed! Well we sat there and watched this baggage handler put things back and one of my Heidi Swap large flowers blow in the wind! I told my daughter why did we have to have this view.
I was able to get a picture of the guy for evidence I told my daugher.

The flight ran into a lot a turbelance and lets say that my Carmael Machiatto and Vanilla Biscotti from Starbucks didn't stay in my stomach and I utilized those little white bags that are in front pockets. (On the way back I thought those bags would make great bags for holiday gift giving) I know crafts on the brain!

After my daughter and I fighting with 3 wheely bags, I large box and all of our carry one stuff we made it to the car rental place. Now in the Sacramento Airport all of the car agencies are in the same location. Why was everyone and their mother in the Dollar Rental Car line like me? The Enterprise was empty, the Hertz was empty, man we waited 30 minutes. Well I reserved an economy car because I was just driving to the SWARM and that's it no site seeing or anything. Well they end upgrading our car because the economy car was unavailable. So they gave us a Dodge Charger! I just loved that car! I have car envy because I am FORCED to drive the kidmobile van while my husband drives our sedan. Gas prices he says, it's not my fault that he's in sales and drives around and it would be too expensive. I HATE driving the van. Oh sorry I go on these tangents.

Well my daughter tells me I stink! How dare her! She said mom the throw up! I managed to get something on my shirt. Now I used my purse Oxyclean and went to the restroom but I guess the aroma just lingered on. Well I only had a grungy t-shirt in my suitcase since we were leaving early Sunday morning. So I told my daughter that we will stop if we see a Wal-Mart.

Well we start to drive to the SWARM and naturally there was a shopping center that my daughter says I saw from a mile away that a Wal-Mart was in. So I went in to find the exact shirt that I had on and found it! Don't you love Wal-Mart? No matter where you go they are all the same and since I had bought the throw up shirt the night before it was available. Hey what was that movie with the Starwars girl that her boyfriend left her at Wal-Mart? I just loved that movie.

Anyway we make it to the SWARM and we were greeted so warmly. I just love my Cricut Sisters what a great bunch of ladies!

Well one of the ladies asked for a show of hands for people that are in the Secret Sisters on the Cricut Message Board and I raised my hand and she said someone's Secret Sister has a gift and a gift certificate for the Scrapbook Store. Well she called my name! My not-so-secret Sister Lynn arranged for me to receive the gift talking about a surprise.

I cannot tell you what fun we had! There were raffles every 22 minutes since there were 22 participants, snacks and of course shopping. We did our own thing for lunch but we had the best pasta dinner of cheese tortellini with a cream pesto sauce and penne pasta with a cream marinara sauce. This was served with garlic bread and salad. Then one of the ladies made this dessert that had brownies, cheesecake pudding, whipped cream, and chopped up Heath bars! Yum Yum.

At the very end there was a grand prize drawing and I was the winner! Talking about a dream day!

Well I only knew these ladies from the message board and now there are faces to names and I am so grateful at the opportunity to meet them in person.

Here is our group photo I am the one with black and curly hair.

The flight home on Sunday was horrible! We hit a wind pocket and the plane really shook and when the pilot told the flight attendants to take their seat that was scary. I spoke to the winds and told them to stop in Jesus' name and began to pray softly and it stopped and never started again. Praise God! Jesus is the name above every name and wind is a name so it had to cooperate.

My husband and 2 other kids picked us up from the airport around noon and we went to get something to eat. I felt queasy but didn't get sick on the way back. Well after we got home I took a 2 hour nap and started to unpack. I noticed things were not in the same places that I had put them. I then discovered this note from TSA informing me that they inspected my bags. I understand the security and all but did you have to break my Crop-a-dile case?

Today going to work I felt like Cinderella the day after the ball, the beautiful coach turned into a pumpkin.

I will post a card tomorrow that I will post for a challenge.