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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Rubber Stamp Storage

As most of you stampers know, storing stamps takes alot of space something most of us have very little of. This storage solution came from many sources and forums etc. Jennifer McGuire gave me the idea for the holders. She has since just changed her system. But that is what Crafty Storage is about, using methods that work for you and if they don't change to one that does. I just took and modified it to work for me.

This is not a project that can be done in a day. This did take me a few weeks and I prepared myself for that. Since I kept my stamps by type the first sort was easy.Sentiments, objects, birthdays etc. I then stamped each image on a 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of cardstock. I then began to unmount my wood stamps by category. I put the stamps in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I then would remove the rubber from the wood and set aside.(There a numerous sites that can give you specific directions, just use a search engine and type unmounting wood stamps)

When I was done with the unmounting I used Alene's Tack over and over glue and put on the back of my unmounted stamps with a foam brush. I let them dry overnight then I used acrlyic sheets as a backing for the stamp. Then I used the Loose Leaf binder sheets from Office Depot to slide the sheets into. See below.

I then labeled each holder Objects 1, Objects 2, Sentiments 2, Sentiments 3, etc. This allows my system to grow because each new binder holder becomes the newest number and gets added the inventory notebook.

I then placed my stamped sheets into a notebook and used dividers to section them. I placed the stamped sheets in a sheet protector. I then used post its on the stamped images and then I counted how many object 1's I had and printed everything on the round labels that were made for the printer. I used a fun font. I then placed the round sticker on each image.

To keep my stamps sorted and organized I covered manilla file folders with decorative paper. I ran the tags thru my computer and then used my Nestabilities for the labels.

So when I get ready to stamp I pull out my Inventory Notebook and go to the category I need and I look at my choices and then I see the stamp is in Objects 2 then I pull the Objects 2 out and grab my stamp.

No more digging thru stamps. Easy peasy! Again remember that it was a long process but the results are so worth it. Please feel free to visit my blog

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Craft Studio

My studio is located in what use to be our dining room. It is the first thing you see as you enter the front door so I wanted the space to look neat and tidy.

My sewing area is made with an Ikea computer desk that I placed an Ikea tabletop on the top for the main section. The other section is connected to my work table with brackets. The Michaels cubes fit perfectly underneath. I also have other plastic storage underneath. The shelving hardware is from the Elfa system from the Container Store. The actual shelves were purchased from Lowes since they were much cheaper. The clear containers were purchased from Joanns at 50% off. The containers are categorized by thread type then by color. The white boxes are from Michaels and holds many sewing notions.

My work table is a table that is 4 feet by 2 feet and was purchased from a thrift store for ten bucks! The actual top is genuine butcher block. I placed a piece of glass taken from a desk I use to have. It makes clean-up easier and makes the table look better. I also love this table because it is counter height. The sorter was purchased at the swap meet for $10 and is perfect for my frequently used things. I hid all of my unsightly stuff underneath the table which I covered with a curtain I made. The material was purchased at Wal-Mart and used for curtains too.

The Michaels cubes are stacked with more shelving from Lowe’s. These shelves were about the cost of one of the cubes tabletops. So more bang for the buck. The paper storage was purchased from a friend for $40. She purchased the sorter from a scrapbook store that was going out of business. The sorter holds all of my patterned paper. The very bottom has a Dunn Edwards paint chip sorter that I bought from Habitat for Humanity for 5 books. When I first saw it I thought I would just use the sorter, but the paint chip samples make great paper for borders and punches.

The embellishment center has an old wooden cassette storage that I bought at the swap meet. I purchased the clear container boxes and store all of my embellishments by color. The plastic containers with the white tops were purchased from Smart & Final for about a dollar and some change.

The dresser was another swap meet find. I paid $25 for it and it holds lots of stuffs. I have 2 drawers that hold my Cricut cartridges and overlays. I use the top to display my glass jars. One of jars holds my ornaments that I use for wrapping gifts and one holds cheap embroidery thread that I was going to throw away and I thought it would make a great decoration.

The apparatus behind my table is a quilting machine that I inherited from my mom when she passed away last year. She was an avid quilter. I have since taken up quilting so since this machine at its smallest is 5 feet wide it took away valuable real estate. I also used bed risers to raise it up since my back tends to hurt if I don’t stand at counter height. So I decided to store things underneath and hide-it with a curtain. A simple tension rod and material from WalMart. I store all my rubber stamps in baskets and I will describe my stamp storage techniques in a near future post.

My cutting center is a drafting table I purchased for $50 at Joanns after a coupon. I love it because I have my QuiltCut2 cutting system on it as well as my Cricut. Since I like to stand I raised the table up with bed risers and this made a tremendous difference for my back when I am working on my cutting projects.

The gift wrapping center is a Christmas gift. It was on sale at Michaels for 50% off and I had a gift card so I paid $30 out of pocket. I have all of my gift wrapping supplies in it. The shelves above are also Elfa harware and the shelves are from Lowe’s.

The beige caddy holds some of my ribbon collection and was also bought at the swap meet for $5. It use to be a Deli stand the held salami. The other ribbon stand is made from a dowel purchased at Lowe’s and a piece of spare wood. I used a wood screw from the bottom up through the dowel.

If you have any questions, please feel to e-mail me.

Thanks for looking.